Dentistry & Oral ATP

Periodontal disease can be sneaky. Help keep your pet’s teeth healthy by knowing the signs and symptoms.

Stage 1 – Gingivitis
Margin of attached gingival (gum) is inflamed and swollen. Plaque covers teeth. At this stage, treatment can reverse the condition.

Stage 2 – Periodontitis
Entire attached gum is inflamed and swollen. Mouth is painful and odor is noticeable. Professional treatment and home dental care can prevent this from becoming irreversible.

Stage 3 – Moderate Periodontitis
Attached gum is cherry red and bleeding, as it is being destroyed by infection and calculus (tartar). Sore mouth affects eating and behavior. Bad breath is present. This is the beginning of periodontal disease, and it may be irreversible.

Stage 4 – Advanced Periodontitis
Chronic bacterial infection is destroying the gum, tooth and bone. Bacteria may be spreading throughout the entire body via the bloodstream and may damage the kidneys, liver and heart.


All oral ATP procedures start at $499* and include the following:

  • Pre-anesthetic physical exam
  • Pre-anesthetic meds
  • Intubation, IV catheter and fluids
  • Anesthesia monitoring
  • Full-mouth dental x-rays
  • Sterilized instruments
  • Scaling tarter above & below gum-line
  • Oral ATP-related progress exams
  • Polish and fluoride treatment
  • Post-procedure Laser therapy
  • Full-mouth charting with before and after pictures
  • Hospitalization and nursing care
  • Toenail trim
  • Detailed after-care instructions and samples
  • Pre-operative blood work
  • Sanos dental sealant
Additional treatment costs based on exam, complete dental assessment and radiographic findings as follows:
  • Extractions: Necessary for most stage III and stage IV periodontal disease $20 – $75/tooth
  • Full-mouth extractions $1200 – $1600
  • Bone graft $37
  • Pain relief package: Depending on size and extent of procedure $59 – $98
  • Antibiotics $75 -$150
Please read the above carefully and ask our nurses or doctors any questions you may have concerning your pet’s dental health.

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