COVID-19 Updates

Hello Again! 

We want to thank you all for your support as we work together to help care for your pets as well as to help decrease the spread of COVID-19. #FlattenTheCurve

Governor Doug Ducey has issued a “Stay at Home” order effective until April 30th.  Pets needing veterinary care CAN still be seen via telemedicine or curbside care.  We ARE open and we ARE here to help you with your pets’ needs.

Governor Ducey has issued an executive order that all non-essential or elective procedures be postponed until at least April 3rd.  This is to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gowns gloves, etc.  Our human counterparts need to have PPE to care for those afflicted with COVID.  Essential and emergency procedures ARE still able to be performed for veterinary patients.

Along with this, the CDC has provided guidance on the use of PPE including wearing masks, gowns, and gloves for all pet and client interactions. And PPE is in short supply.  At this time, we are asking you to understand as we postpone wellness needs until after April 30th.  Rabies Animal Control is currently waiving late fees for licensing in pets that are due for a rabies vaccine.

We ARE available to see your pet via curbside service and telemedicine appointments.  Rest assured, pets here for curbside service will be cuddled, snuggled and otherwise spoiled while under our care.
Should there be an urgent need for wellness care for your pet, such as for boarding, etc., we CAN help.  We just ask that, if wellness care can be postponed until after April 30th, that you wait.

At 43rd Ave., we continue to do our part to help our community, as well as our team, stay healthy.  Thank you for joining us in fighting the spread of COVID.

Melinda Striyle, DVM