Our Staff


Practice Manager


Originally from Houston, TX, Erika had a strong love for animals and even brought home several strays she nursed back to health—which led to her first job in the veterinary field. She worked for a veterinary hospital, veterinary software company and did some consulting before being offered a job at 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital in February of 2005. Erika completed her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Phoenix in 2012.

Her passion is educating as many people as possible about preventative pet care in hopes of decreasing the number of illnesses in pets.

At home Erika has Wink, a one-eyed Scottish Fold cat, and three dogs named Jake, Elwood, and Miles—the first two after the Blues Brothers and the latter after the musician Miles Davis. When she’s not working, Erika enjoys spending time with her husband, paddle boarding, yoga, hiking, camping, being out in nature, reading, learning and enjoying live music.


Customer Service Representative Supervisor, Veterinary Nurse & Inventory Manager


Stephanie joined our team in 2007. Stephanie grew up in a military family and has lived in several parts of the country as well as Okinawa, Japan. When she and her family returned to the states in 1991, they settled in Arizona. She has taken courses at Glendale Community College and worked in the retail industry, but her love of animals led her to a job here as a kennel assistant. She went on to earn her certification as a veterinary technician and rose to become CSR leader.

When she’s not working, Stephanie enjoys cooking and frequently brings goodies for the staff at the hospital. She shares her home with her husband, two sons and their farm of four-legged pals.


Veterinary Nurse, Patient Care Supervisor


Kristy joined our team in 2013. Born and raised in Phoenix, Kristy’s family has been bringing pets to 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital since she was a kid. Kristy has always been drawn to dogs and cats, even though she’s allergic to felines—but a job at a boarding facility cemented her determination to work in the animal care field.

Kristy shares her life with King Ragnar, a piebald dachshund who loves car rides, hiking, and is very photogenic. King Ragnar has a rare disease called diabetes insipidus that is currently controlled with medication. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and TV, reading comic books and novels, weightlifting and hanging with friends and family.


Veterinary Nurse, Surgery Nurse Supervisor


Reagan joined our team in 2013. Reagan’s love of animals began with horses and grew after she volunteered at a zoo. She attended Dallas County Community College and is currently pursuing her certification as a veterinary technician.

At home, Reagan shares her home with her wonderful husband and canine companions: Niko, who loves to run and says “I love you” when he wants something. She also has a horse, Thunder, who loves peppermints. In her free time Reagan enjoys horseback riding, running and seeking out sunshine.


Customer Service Representative Supervisor, Veterinary Nurse & Petly Plan Manager


Betsy joined our team in 2013. An Arizona native, Betsy attended Long Medical Institute’s veterinary assistant program, where her love for animals and educating people about how to care for them flourished.

Betsy shares her home with Buster, a Chihuahua mix she got from a lady in the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot, Goliath, a Papillion mix, an American bulldog named Halo, and Cruz the cat. In her free time, Betsy enjoys taking daytrips and exploring with her husband and daughters.


Cuddle Companion and Veterinary Assistant


Marisa grew up in Miami, FL. She moved to Arizona with her family when she was a teenager and graduated from Apollo High School. Marisa started working at 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital in 1994! She enjoys working with dogs and cats as a kennel attendant. When not at work, Marisa enjoys oil painting (you can see some of her work hanging in the halls at the hospital!), playing her keyboard and occasionally going on a bike ride. Marisa lives with her family, her red-footed tortoise and her three-toed box turtles.


Veterinary Assistant & Room Nurse

Salem grew up in Phoenix and started taking veterinary classes in high school. She was involved in an internship program which eventually led to her coming to work at 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital. She says caring for animals as a career is definitely where she belongs!

At home, she has a pack of pets that include Twix, Zion, Samson, Bella, and Thunder. When she’s not at the hospital or doing homework, she enjoys reading and watching TV.


Veterinary Surgery Nurse & Groomer

Erin joined our team in 2016. Originally form NW Indiana, Erin’s family moved to Arizona when she was nine. Not long after, she was exposed to the animal care field by a close family friend who was a certified vet tech, and Erin was hooked—especially when it came to surgery! She attended Carrington College and is currently enrolled at Penn Foster earning her own veterinary technician certification.

Erin shares her home with her service dog Maisy Grace, and her other pets Brock Lee, Dorian, Paco, and Choncho. When she’s not working, Erin loves video games, immersing herself in Korean culture at KCon and dancing to Kpop music.


Veterinary Room Nurse

Rachael joined our team in 2016. Rachael grew up in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach CA. She moved to Arizona with her mom and four younger siblings in 2015. Rachael credits her parents and her childhood pets Tori and Freya with showing her how to care for cats and dogs, as well as giving her a love for animals. Rachael graduated with her veterinary assistant certificate from Carrington College in 2016.

At home Rachael has four cats: Luna, Fay, Kiki and Mimi. The first three are kitty sisters who she adopted together at 8 weeks old. Rachael also enjoys cooking, spending time with those closest to her, and watching movies and tv shows.


Veterinary Nurse, CVT

Adam joined our team in 2019. Born and raised in Phoenix, Adam completed the veterinary technician program at Mesa Community College and was initially signed up for human nursing courses. After a temporary job setting up the Annual Dog Walk at Tempe Town Lake, Adam realized he loved being around happy animals and changed his mind about his career. He says he’s found exactly what he was looking for working here at 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital.

Currently Adam has three feline companions: Ozzie, Achilles and Maui. When he’s not working, he enjoys video games, hiking, and hanging out with friends.


Veterinary Assistant & Patient Care Nurse

Audrey joined our team in 2019. A true southerner originally from Alabama, Audrey first realized she wanted to work with animals when she was seven. She moved to Arizona at 19, then attended Carrington College. After she did an externship here, 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital decided to keep her!

Audrey has a cat named Pumpkin and when she’s not working, enjoys hiking and teaching her daughter to draw and paint.


Veterinary Assistant & Customer Service Representative

Ysabela joined our team in 2018. Growing up in Chicago, Ysabela’s family always had lots of pets and caring for them was something that just clicked with her. After moving to Arizona in 2015, she took veterinary science classes and found 43rd Avenue Animal Hospital while searching for an externship.

Ysabela shares her home with a 4-year-old cat named Kamikaze—a name that came with him when she adopted him, but definitely fits as he loves to run around the house like a rocket. When she’s not working, Ysabela likes to read and play piano and video games. She also enjoys completing and framing puzzles and doing paint by diamond kits.