What to Expect

When driving onto our property, you will notice two doors into our hospital: one for cats and one for dogs. We strive to provide a fear-free environment. In the lobby, you will be welcomed by a team member who will then show you to one of our four exam rooms. We will go over any prevention needs your pet is due or almost due for. A nurse will take a history of your pet along with vital signs. Then, our awesome doctor will do a full, head-to-toe physical examination. We will present an estimate for services and answer any questions you may have. Then, your pet will receive treatment, a complimentary bandanna and a splash of refreshing fragrance. Once treatments are complete, your nurse will go over any medical questions you may have about the day’s visit or any medications that may be sent home. Once your questions are answered, we will schedule a follow-up appointment and handle the finances for the visit. Then the nurse will help you out.

Being a fear-free environment means that we consider the stress from the moment your fur baby sees their leash or kennel for travel to the moment your fur baby comes home from the visit. We have multiple options to help our feline and canine friends relax before coming into the hospital for veterinary care. The first step to a fear-free visit is helping you deliver a calm pet to our hospital. We have several pheromones and other options to help calm your pet, and you can start these at home to help minimize stress. We ask that you withhold food and treats before the visit. This makes treats in the exam room more effective and exciting for your baby. Let us turn visiting the hospital into something fun and exciting for your pet.

Another way we strive to be fear free is by using separate lobbies for feline friends and canine friends. The presence of another species can be quite dramatic for some furry friends. We also try to limit the time you wait in the lobby, however, we do know that emergencies can happen, so we do appreciate your patience in these situations. To make your fur baby comfortable in the exam room, we put a blanket on the exam room table, and if your pet seems more comfortable on the ground, we can do the exam there instead. We choose the best location to examine your fur baby based on their demeanor and comfort level. We cradle every furry friend’s emotional and physical well-being.

We look forward to seeing you and your pet, and we take pride in knowing that we are offering you top-notch veterinary care along with a fear-free visit to our hospital.